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About Field Manager

Field Manager organises all data from ground investigations and makes it easily accessible and useful

How Field Manager works

Field Manager is an open and cloud-based platform for geotechnical ground survey data.

Companies and users can interact throughout the implementation of different phases in a project.

Field Manager supports the collection, processing, storage, quality assurance and availability of your valuable geotechnical data.


Create a borehole plan using Field Manager to plan what needs to be done and where. The plan can be updated when cable detection, landowner notification and other quality assurance activities have been completed. 


Execute scheduled ground investigations and report these by importing data files and attaching other relevant documentation such as images or documents.



Quality assurance

The quality of completed investigations can be assessed by inspecting data visually or conducting detailed examinations of raw data.



Monitor the status and progress of the project through the continuously updated borehole plan. Any changes will immediately be visible to everyone. 

Delivering data

After quality assurance, the data can be generated as attachments to data reports or downloaded in various formats. Customers can also be granted access to retrieve data independently. 

Continued use of data

All data stored in Field Manager can be used for further work, either by exporting raw data files or Excel files or directly via the API. Data can flow seamlessly to other tools. 

Core functionality


Collaborate with all stakeholders in a single place

Field Manager allows all stakeholders to work in the same platform, whether they are based in the field or in the office.

This ensures good communication, collaboration and interaction internally and across various organisations. 

  • Freely invite customers, subcontractors or other partners

  • Easy and secure role management to both organizations and projects




Keep an overview, make adjustments and monitor progress

Visualization of field work status directly in the map provides a clear overview of project completion.

  • All stakeholders will have an overview of scheduled work, what has been completed and the status of the various methods.

  • Plans can easily be changed on-the-fly based on new knowledge and all stakeholders can be kept up to date with progress. 


Navigate using
interactive maps

In Field Manager you will work with borehole locations and ground investigation methods directly using an interactive map. We support different types of map layers and coordinate systems worldwide.


  • OSM basemap with worldwide coverage

  • Norwegian terrain and satellite map

  • Link borehole data between projects to avoid copy-paste of data between projects

  • Upload custom map layers (*.dxf, *.shp)

  • Simple transformation between coordinate systems

  • Measure distance, search and filter directly in the map

  • Several public WMS services

Map 2 (1).png


Make decisions based on immediate data visualisation

Data is immediately visualised after uploading and allows for the continuous quality assurance of work.


  • Data is validated against well-defined data models

  • Automated export of borehole logs and groundwater measurement plots

  • Images and files can be uploaded to gather all documentation associated with a borehole


Work from anywhere without having to install any software

You can use Field Manager as long as you have internet access and a web browser.


  • Field Manager is user-friendly and requires minimal training to learn

  • Field Manager is a web-based cloud tool adapted for various screen sizes

  • The solution can be used on mobile devices in the field, PCs on drilling rigs, tablets at home or PCs in the office

F_desktop mobile1.png


Structure and share data using familiar formats

Data is stored in well-defined and structured data models, ensuring data quality across sources and formats.


We support the most commonly used industry formats. Data can easily be used further via APIs or by file-based exporting. 

  • Norwegian Total Sounding (.tot, .std, .snd)

  • Rotary pressure sounding (.dtr, .std, .rp, .snd)

  • CPTU/R (.ags, .a00, .asc, .cpt, .std, .snd)

  • Sampling and lab test results (.ags)

  • Simple sounding (.snd)

  • Piezometers (.csv, .gvr, .pvt, .pvx, .xls, .xlsx)


An open platform based on modern cloud technology 


Field Manager has been developed from scratch in the cloud and is based on modular cloud architecture. This helps ensure good scalability, performance, security and availability of the solution.

The solution has been developed and runs on Microsoft Azure in Norway.

Open source

The platform has been developed using a wide range of open source technology components. We are continuously improving our tech stack and we contribute to open source projects.

Open platform

The platform is API-based and has been developed using open standards and data formats. This allows for easy reuse of data in other industry applications and the development of new solutions based on Field Manager data.

Agile and devops

Field Manager has been developed in close collaboration with users and customers. Through an agile way of working, a high degree of automation and modern cloud infrastructure, we enable frequent deliveries of new functionality.

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